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Bio: Bred, born and raised on a farm, the country is in my blood and you can't take it out. Sharing my experiences and thoughts on agriculture and hoping to learn together as we protect a noble way of life. I'm a hayseed, I'm a plowboy, I'm a farmkid, I'm a cowboy... There is value in the valleys

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  1. Hey there – wonderful, but unfortunate, article on your neighbors. Many of us are wondering (and hoping) – did this family have more kids?? This has literally rocked the whole country into grief and left us all questioning what we would do if it was us in their shoes ~ how hard would it be to carry on? I truly hope they can sense the support and shared grief from their community, province & country!


  2. I learned of this tragedy yesterday morning. I farm in Kansas, we are harvesting soybeans. My 3 year old son spends quite a bit of time on the combine with me. Last night my wife asked as soon as we got home if it was possible to be swallowed up walking on a truck load of grain. I knew what she was referring too, and said I wasn’t sure any more(previous to yesterday I would have said no).

    I cannot imagine the grief of losing one child, let alone three. I was disappointed at the online rush to judgement. There is no better place to raise children than a farm. Part of the reason for that is the children working and playing along side their parents and in many cases grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc, All of us who farm can see ourselves in the position the Bott family faces today. We grieve with them. They obviously have some wonderful neighbors to try to help them through this. I hope the message is relayed to them the farm community worldwide has them in their thoughts and prayers.


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