The Beginning…

So this is the world of blogging. You know, I never much fancied myself one to think that others would care about what I had to say. Certainly when I started my twitter account @cowboymusings I didn’t believe people would line up; it was simply an avenue to learn new things, to meet like-minded people and share my experiences of the farm life.

I probably never would have happened across the #Farm365 hashtag aside from seeing it on my timeline and wouldn’t likely have gotten involved were it not for the attack being launched by overenthusiastic (and radical) vegans who were attempting to hijack and denigrate our way of life.

I don’t mind constructive criticism. I embrace people who are brave enough to challenge the status quo. I’m always, absolutely always, up for intellectual debate.  But I cannot stand idly by while those who are misinformed, closed-minded and ignorant to the truth launch their vile attacks on a way of life they have never even tried to understand, on the way of life that a dwindling number of farm kids choose to remain in because of economic hardship, the way of life that is in my blood.  When you cannot tell me the difference between a dairy cow and a beef cow but you can criticize me for my animal husbandry practices, you have lost all moral authority.

As best as I can remember from my childhood, Andrew Campbell was a good kid. Based on his promotion of #Farm365 I can only assume that he has become a strong, noble man. He has proven willing to fight for, and promote, a way of life that is continually being relegated to the shadows. For this, all of us AGvocates should be proud and supportive.

My chance online meeting (and impromptu defense of agriculture alongside) of @Skatch_minivan inspired me to do this, so let’s see if it’s an epic fail or not…

I will try to give you some of my history, some of my thoughts, and most absolutely I want to have your interactions and your comments on this journey.  We’re in this together, and right now we do need AG more than ever…


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